Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kip's Crazy Collection Of Welsh Bands

If you would wonder who Kip is, well it's about Kip Xool, drummer of the following punk/HC bands: The Heretics, Cowboy Killers, Four Letter Word, In The Shit, No Such Thing, Da Capo and Bad Sam.
He sent a tape to my good friend Mad Mohawk, which I could rip and post here.
All the tracks found here were never released (some were re-recorded for official releases) or very hard to find.
The Heretics was Kip's first band. Now we can hear their full 1986 demo "It's Better To Die On Your Feet...".
Next is Cowboy Killers, one of Kip's bands I witnessed live in the early 90's. These recordings are an unreleased demo from 1988.
Next is Four Letter Word's 1995 demo. Must admit I never heard them before although they were a big name in the 90's. Maybe I mixed them with all the shitty poppunk that ravaged the 90's. One song is cut as it ends on side A and continues on side B.
In The Shit I've also witnessed in the late 90's as they played in a squat where I lived. Really liked them. This is their 1999 demo. I think all songs were re-recorded for vinyl releases.
No Such Thing I never heard of before. Also not my favourite band on the tape. Demo from 2000; 3 songs.
Next is Da Capo with songs recorded between 2002 and 2005. Don't think they ever released something.
Last band is Bad Sam with 4 songs recorded in 2010. Another band I know nothing about.

The Heretics

Cowboy Killers

Four Letter Word

In The Shit

No Such Thing

Da Capo

Bad Sam


jolicoeur said...

Great! Yes, can you reupload Heretics please and Cowboy killers? Thank you

Curious Guy said...

New links for The Heretics & Cowboy Killers. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repost, would it be possible to have the same treament for the in the shit demo???
i was supposed to get some a long time ago but the guy the tape was given to curiously disappeared for earth surface a short while after

Curious Guy said...

No problem! New link for In The Shit. Enjoy!