Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Long? - s/t Tape

In the mid-90's I bought some tapes from Poland, most of those are crusty stuff. Crustpunk and radical politics were blooming over there after the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union desintegrated. Most popular bands were Homo Militia and Sanctus Iuda.
Here's a tape of How Long?, a band that had members from Poland as well as from Czech.
The only vinyl release they did is a split 7" with Swedes Unarmed.
The band got together a few years back so it seems and released split albums with Roxor and Kulma. Think they're a full Czech band now.
Side A has studio recordings from 1996. The last 4 tracks on that side are the same as the split 7".
Side B has rehearsal recordings from 1997. Sound is not that great and tracklisting is a bit confusing. Found an untitled song somewhere at the end.
Cover songs of Discharge, Shitlickers and Konwent A.
I must admit that I don't listen to this kind of stuff for years. Got really bored with crust as I find most bands quite boring.
Think the tape was released in 1998, on Polish label Czerwony Diabełek.

How Long?


Abraham said...

Hey bro
Could you please reupload it too? haha

There's chance you could upload the split with Unarmed if you have it?

give me your email and I'll send you
"Herejia - El Ultimo Tlahtoani LP"


Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!
I could rip that split 7" if you want.
My email can be found in my profile.

Abraham said...

Hey bro

I've sent that album to you to this email:

If there's some problem let me know Check it out!


Abraham said...


Thank you very much for the split and your band sounds great!!