Sunday, September 29, 2013

V/A Asian Punk Lives #2 Tape

Here's a cool comp. tape released on Japanese label Sprout Records. As far as I know 2 volumes exist. Don't have the 1st one. Maybe more of these were released?
Asian Punk Lives #2 comes with a booklet with band info, lyrics and interesting addresses of  tape labels and zines from Malaysia, Indonesia, ...
Bands on the tape from Japan: Absent, Out Of Touch (live recordings), Refuse and Social Crime.
From Phillipines: Aggressive Dog Attack (live recordings).
From Indonesia: Balcony, Deadly Ground, Inner Warfare and Turtles Jr.
From Malaysia: Silent Majority and Shocked.
This tape was released in 1998 and a nice view on the growing HC/punk scenes in the Pacific Rim.

Asian Punk Lives #2

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Mike said...

Great stuff, thank you! Anyone into old (pre-1989) Swedish punk/hardcore, should check out:

they also got a great tape/demo section for download!