Sunday, September 8, 2013

Basquadé Inchalá ‎– Reivindicación Tape

Don't know a lot of bands from Uruguay but here's one of them. Don't know anything about Basquadé Inchalá but they play political HC/punk. Long lyrics that deal with homophobia, animal/human liberation, Palestina and imperialism in Latin-America.
Same songs repeated on both sides.
Released on Cryptas Records in Mexico. No release date but I think late 90's.

1. Intro (Ex Ministro Del Interior) 
2. Levántate Herman@ 
3. Fobia A La Homofobia 
4. Sin Dañar Y Sin Dañarnos
5. Palestina 
6. La Recuperación

Basquadé Inchalá


FuseRed said...

Cheers for this

little bit more from Uruguay here:

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the link. Need to check it out.