Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Scuzz - Liability 7"

Cool HC punk 7" from this Wisconsin band. Pretty unknown and not that easy to find these days.
'Liability' was released in 1998 on Asinine Records, the label of Asinine Solution. Asinine Solution is better known due to a 7" released on Beer City. Their other 2 7"s were released on Asinine Records of which the 1st is impossible to find. Only 200 copies. So if anyone could find the 'Your Wisconsin Friends' 7", please let me know. Btw, I have a demo/live tape with older stuff of them. Will try to rip and post it later.
Off to The Scuzz. 8 tracks of late 90's HC punk similar to all those Beer City bands from that time.

1. Liability
2. Socially Excepted
3. Dying On The Cross
4. Catheter
5. Drunk As Fuck
6. Democracy Hypocrisy
7. Badge Of Authority
8. All For Confrontation

The Scuzz


Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post...

Dan said...

damn,almost missed this
cause effect 7'',one of the best records made the last 15 yrs!!!
the energy of lifes halt mixed with the guitar sound of holier than thou?
and yeah that 1st 7'',once had it on a tape,but threw it away because the volume was so low you could hardly hear anything,but it was good for sure
i know Felix Havoc rex has a copy and a few yrs he ago he told me i could contact him if i would not find it,never found it,but never contacted him either,maybe a good idea to ask him again...
i need to hear that record again...

the scuzz,unknown band,gonna check now
and if you have asanine solution demo-live and can post you would rule forever!


Curious Guy said...

Hi Dan, enjoy The Scuzz. I"ll rip and post the Asinine Solution tape next year.

Curious Guy said...

New link for The Scuzz. Enjoy!