Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deviant Gedrag - Yeah Really Demo 1986

Let's get back to Belgium to post some demo tapes of 80's HC/punk bands.
Here's the one and only demo tape of Deviant Gedrag (Deviant Behaviour) from Wambeek. Their style goes way back to the early punk sound, contrary to the more prevalent HC sound in the mid-80's. Great midtempo punk and strong song material. Recording quality is pretty good as well.
Drummer Dirk now plays in poprockband De Mens.

1. What's Reality
2. Fear
3. War
4. Tell Me
5. Fascist Cops
6. Brainless
7. Problems
8. I Hate Religion

Deviant Gedrag


Dan said...

nice one!
dank u
grrr Dan

Anonymous said...

Leffe! Merci merci merci!!!
I have this one but now I can listen to it more easily.
Saw them a few times live back in the days (check the Smurfpunx blog). Great band!!!

There's a picture of them here:

Cheers, Brob