Saturday, December 31, 2011

Distress - Demo 1988

I know there's a lot of bands called Distress, but this one is a Belgian HC band from the late 80's.
Don't know a lot about them and I think I never seen 'em live. Guess they played more locally, in the Mol-Geel area. They thank Jakke (then bassplayer of Agathocles, later of The Sexmachines and now in Creature With The Atom Brain) and D.B.C. which stands for Danish Butter Cookies, another HC band from that area.
The tape states 14 tracks, but there's only 12.
Any more info welcome.

1. Intro
2. Religious Suckers
3. Bothered
4. Born To Loose
5. Fuck Reality
6. Had A Tough Day
7. Arseholes
8. Usher
9. Nuclear Nightmare
10. No Solution
11. Hooligans
12. Evil Death



Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly Unsepulchral HC was the name under which Kurt Joremans released stuff???

Toxik Boys said...

Thanks for this demo Curious.

Curious Guy said...

You're welcome Toxik Boys!
Brob, it's quite possible that Kurt ran Unsepulchral HC. Don't know of any other tapes. He did release the Agathocles/Disgorge split 7", Dawn Of Liberty 7" and Chronic Disease 7".