Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dissension - We The Fooled LP

2nd album of Dissension. The 'Why Work For Death' is a classic these days. Not many people have heard this one. More crossover style and less interesting than the 1st one but it isn't bad either. You decide.
This copy is self-released although there exists a picture-disc version on Metal Storm/Azra.
'We The Fooled' was released in 1988.

1. False Promises
2. Searching
3. Let's Think
4. The End
5. Destitute Detour
6. A New Beginning
7. Hopeless
8. Subject
9. Dreams
10. My Own World
11. Blinded By Power

New link as track 2 was damaged.



Anonymous said...

Never even knew about this one... Will download now.

Anonymous said...

nd song doesn't work

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for letting me know. New link so I hope everything works fine now.

Toxik Boys said...

Thanks for this Curious Guy! This band is killer!

manel cráneo said...

thanks, i was many years trying to get this old album. Time ago i listened it a lot. Dissension were a great band of HC!!

the wizard said...

This is such a killer band, I don't understand why more people don't know about them (but it's good they don't, so for a while we can still get the LPs for $3!). Thanks for the post, always good to have shits digitally as well....the "Why Work For Death?" LP is perhaps just as good.

mat 13 said...


didn't knew it existed too.....

the first LP is a classic


FreeKnuckle said...

Dissension is back together, playing shit from the first 2 records,writing new stuff and playing shows.We hope to see you at the shows, thanks for the kind and not so kind words.

Kelsey said...

It's been a few years...
Would you please re-up a new link.
I owned this record long ago I had the pic disc version that came in the Can box set. Straight from Dave at Azra