Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mystery Band

Here's a record that puzzles me already for a long time. Have it on tape since the late 80's.
According to the info I have, the band should be Anal Babies and the 7" is called "Let's Party" but I haven't found any info on this one. Already checked sites like Flex, Kill From The Heart and various have/want lists but this one never shows up. So the info is probably wrong, or the record is extremely rare. A friend of mine didn't recognize it as well and he has a trained ear concerning HC stuff.
The 7" contains 8 tracks. Unfortunately, I have no tracklisting.
It's definitely a US (or Canadian?) band from around 1986-87.

Hope someone can solve the mystery.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dr. Phibes we know that it's indeed Anal Babies from Sacramento, CA.

Quality is pretty shitty, but I managed to upgrade the sound a bit while ripping.



Anonymous said...

it is in fact the ANAL BABIES from Sacramento, CA. The song "too young to bone" and "fat dyke on welfare" gave it away.-DR. PHIBES

Curious Guy said...

Thanks a lot Dr. Phibes. You know anything more about that 7"? Year of release? Tracklisting? Must be pretty obscure.

Anonymous said...

The Anal Babies were a Sacramento band. They were together around 1986-1987 (maybe as early as 1985). Members of I.G.D. and I believe Redrum were in the band at one time.
I'm not aware that they ever made a 7''. I believe they only made a demo tape.-DR. PHIBES

Curious Guy said...

I guess it never got released on vinyl I suppose. Strange as it has the right length for a 7" record.
Should be reissued.

Adrian said...

Track listing please!!!