Saturday, July 4, 2009

V/A Sutura Eterna LP

Compilation album released in Italy in 1986. It was released by Senzapatria, an anti-authoritarian and anti-militarist organisation from Sondrio.

4 bands participate:
Midgard (Milano) play 2 tracks of crossover; more metal than hardcore.
Link Lärm (Padova) play 4 tracks of HC punk. They also released an 11-track demo.
Disperazione (Como) is the most wellknown here. This is from their later period so expect more metal in their sound.
Antisbarco (Chioggia) ends the comp. with 3 tracks of HC punk.

Geat sleeve artwork by Stiv Valli. I made the exception to scan the back sleeve as well.

1. Midgard - L'Ultimo Fuoco
2. Midgard - Sangue Versato
3. Link Lärm - Politicanti
4. Link Lärm - Militare
5. Link Lärm - Odio La Gente
6. Link Lärm - Voglio Fare Il Senatore
7. Disperazione - Non E' Ancora
8. Disperazione - Anticipo Di Morte
9. Antisbarco - Troppi Messaggi
10. Antisbarco - Controllo Totale
11. Antisbarco - Tempo Di Menzogna

Sutura Eterna

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