Saturday, February 28, 2009

False Confession - Demo 1983

Thanks to Archie for ripping and sending this one to me. Great quality rip of the 1983 demo of Nardcore band False Confession. They also did a 7" on Mystic.
Here's the write-up of Archie himself as he can do it way better than me.

A ‘True' Confession
i.e. Unheard Confession from 1983

OK, OK, It has been awhile since the last post, but only because I really was dumbfounded by a number of numbing thoughts. Have you ever wondered about what people mean when they say stuff like, “…those were the days,” and, “It’s a shame nobody had a tape recorder running,” or my favorite comment, “…their (insert some band name here) blah, blah, blah, recording was so much better, it’s a shame no one has committed THAT to vinyl.” How fucked is that? The whole thing is you were stoked a split second ago, gleefully downloading a band you’ve only heard of by how rare they are; and now some blubbering know it all robs you of that good feeling by a simple statement. Of course, it might be the case this individual is the same one kid we all knew growing up that claimed there was a better something out there…and you suck cause you don’t have that one…and much worse you never will. We’ll this post is for all of those dicks who can’t leave well enough alone…So stop chewing on the end of that gun barrel and peep this people!

False Confession is an elusive beast to find online. Sure you can find loads of info on Dr. Know and shit, which is good, fuxing love that band. This is not the case with False Confession, you will find nothing, and an annoying comment by someone out there that a 1983 Demo was “out there”, actually they heard it back in the day or something like that (go look at 7” punks False Confession post’s comments). But I digress.

False Confession consisted of four hard as nails- Nardcore-ians Scott, Harry, Isreal, and Fred. And if you didn’t notice, Isreal is sporting a mustache-that’s friggin real. Now here’s where things get a bit dicey, I know Fred was also in Dr Know, but is that the same Isreal in Dr Know??? And why does the guitar sound like Kyle Toucher’s glorious riffage, that gave us Life Returned and Mr. Freeze? This shit has to be sorted out I hope someone can fill us in on the details. (Look I was so confused I even made this before realizing he wasn’t listed in the band fux!) If that wasn’t enough compare the cover for the demo (Insert cover) with the picture of Kyle(Insert picture with kyleface)

After you download this close your eyes, set back in the dark and enjoy some of the most heinously-aggressive-shit-stompin’-good music you have ever heard since it happened.

Back in 1983.

False Confession


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot dor sharing this Demo with us ... G-R-E-A-T !!!!!

justin said...

Nice one, figured they had a demo and here it is. The nardcore band that didn't sound like the others at least on the 7". Kind of the nardcore 45 Grave I thought. Anyway thanx to all those responsible in getting this one out there.

Honquijote said...

Hell yeah !
Thanks a lot for posting this one... :-D

Anonymous said...

REally nifty blog here curious guy.
VIacomclosedmedown on youtube and Downunderground blog/ning

Erich said...

great demo! I never heard this in its entity and in such good quality before, so massive thanks!

Erich said...

PS: Not only does this sound like Dr. Know - song number 7 is actually Dr. Know's "The ntruder" with different lyrics.

Curious Guy said...

I didn't compare both songs yet as for the moment my record collection's a mess since I moved. Good to know you like the demo.

M Bobroff said...

I have always liked this band. Thanks so much. I wish Feline was on here

sinpunk said...

glad to have finally get to hear this , i heard about it from different people but could never come across a copy back in the 80's , the only one that was in DR. KNOW was fred . i was lucky to be able to see them back then . thanks for sharing it .

burningjoe said...

"but is that the same Isreal in Dr Know???"

Ismael Hernadez was the bass player of Dr Know not to be confused with Isreal Madlangbayan singer of False Confessions.

Scott Morris, Bass for FC went on to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Harry Misenheimer became Harry Drumdini with the Cramps.

Fred was in Dr Know over the years back then, and its not uncommon to hear same songs with different bands as one band goes defunct.

He's A Flick said...

False Confessions is apparently back together! All original members except scotty morris. Pretty cool, never saw it coming. They've announced plans to do a new LP for winter 2012 release!