Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zshare under maintenance

As you already found out, zshare is having some issues since Thursday. I hope it will be fixed very soon so I can post something fresh here.

I found out that Welfare Records released a Psycho 2xLP/CD of their early recordings. This album contains the very rare 8 Song 12", the 'Son Of 8 Song' 7", 'Hosebags From Hell' LP, comp tracks and split 7" tracks and 11 tracks from 3 Unreleased Demos.
You can also pre-order the complete discography CD of PTL Klub as well.
Welfare Records can be found here.

I've read somewhere that Punks Before Profits is working on re-releasing the Insults 'Thrasher Go Home' 7" as well as an album of Born Without A Face. That band released 2 great 7"s as well as 2 demos I know of. First heard them on the 'There's A Method To Our Madness' comp. LP.

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