Monday, June 16, 2008

V/A Ultra Hardcore Power LP

Another interesting compilation from Germany released in 1983. It's the first comp. on Mülleimer, one of the bigger German punk labels together with Aggressive Rockproduktionen and Weird System.
5 bands on this one ranging from Deutschpunk, Oi! and hardcore punk.
Normahl had all their early releases on Mülleimer.
Bluttat did 3 albums which have been reissued on Assel Records.
Herbärds is the Oi! band here. Did one album on Mülleimer as well.
Chaos Z drift more into postpunk territory, a style they would continue in the follow-up band Fliehende Sturme. Mülleimer released the 'Abmarsch' 7".
Inferno gives us 4 raging tracks of which some didn't appear on their albums. Their classic 'Tod Und Wahnsinn' LP originally on Mülleimer as well.

Ultra Hardcore Power


Donut Duck said...

A good compilation, lots of raw energy. But i liked the follow-up, "Ultra Hardcore Power Hits II" better. Kommando Schwarzer Freitag was a great but overlooked band.

Curious Guy said...

Already ripped the 2nd volume so it will appear here soon.

Beatriz said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm going to write an article about fantastic German hardcore/speedcore band INFERNO.
I have got all the music but "Ultra Hardcore Power 1" compilation with 4 of their early studio (?) tracks.
It is impossible to find this album on internet with active download links.
Could You repost this compilation?
Thank You,
Bruno Giordano

Curious Guy said...

Hi Bruno,
this is one of the files that disappeared from my HD. Will ask a friend to re-up or I need to rip the album again. Have some patience...

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

CG & Bruno,

i have the compilation as well and could upload it!



Curious Guy said...

Would be cool to help out DD!

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Aaaaaaaaaand here it is:


Anonymous said...

Donut Duck & Curious Guy,
Thank You very much for your help.
Bruno Giordano