Monday, June 23, 2008

V/A Hardcore Takes Over LP

A great collection of New Jersey hardcore punk bands, released in 1983. All tracks were recorded live at the Dirt Club in NJ, hence the subtitle 'Dirt Compilation Two'.
It seems that the Dirt Club wasn't into hardcore bands playing in the beginning but had to give in anyway.
8 bands doing 2 songs each.
On the frontsleeve Byron Snotts and Harpo of New Jersey's Finest (or N.J.F.).
TMA is the first band. Already posted their debut album so you know what to expect.
Next one is the Phil Scalzo Band. I know nothing of them.
Mourning Noise did a 7" back in the day and there's a discography CD on Grand Theft Audio. Sometimes described as the hardcore version of the Misfits.
Side one closes with the Mad Daddys. Not really a hardcore band but worth a listen.
Stetz is the first band on side B. Released an album a few years later called 'Songs Of Experience'.
Sand In The Face is not that obscure. Did an album on Jimboco Records and were featured on the 'Mastertape Vol.2 ' compilation. Odd to see them doing an anti-nazi song called 'Auchwitz' (sic) while I've read some members turned nazi.
No info on the next band 13-Day Vacation.
Last band is Genocide. Known for their split album with M.I.A. as well as for the ridiculous 'Submit To Genocide' album. Silly lyrics all the way.

Hardcore Takes Over


Colon The Librarian said...

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Funny,just setting eyes on these records bring back so many memories of my old record shop.
I remember displaying them all.
Especially the european ones.
Here they were Imports and highly regarded.
Thanks Curious Guy :)

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I just sorted through my old albums. I have this one!

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