Sunday, October 23, 2011

V/A Around The World In 90 Minutes MC

 2nd comp. tape on Smurfpunx. Compiled by Mokka and showing very diverse and international stuff here. Actually, this tape opened my ears for a lot of lesser known international bands, in a time where people still where very UK-oriented.
There's also some bands here which music has to be smuggled across the iron curtain. Remember that this was made during full cold war. Only a few years before the wall should fall. It was very dangerous to smuggle Western music into the Eastblock and vice versa.
On side A we have Toxic Waste (Northern-Ireland), Armatrak (New-Zealand), Bikini (Hungary), 2 Minuta Mržjne (Yugoslavia), FOH (West-Germany), Anti-Dogmatikss (Spain), Funeral Oration (Netherlands), SH Draumur (Iceland), Siekiera (Poland), Nyx Negativ & Bedrövlerz (Sweden) and Lobotomia (Brazil).
Side B contains Ex-Humans (Greece), Butcher (France), The Zero Point (Denmark), Powerage (South-Africa), Saukerle (East-Germany), A.P.P.L.E. (USA), Cani (Italy), Kumikristus (Finland) and Sponky Business (Belgium).

Side A

Side B


Dan said...

TOXIC WASTE ..never heard of em before or forgot...but pretty damn good song!
thx for posting!

Anonymous said...

Come on Dan!
Toxic Waste is around since the early 80s. Anarchopunk with dual vocals from Belfast's Warzone.
Their singer Roy Wallace is making a video-documentary about the Belgian punk-scene. See Smurfpunx-blog.
And yes, Mokka's Smurfpunk tapes held the roots of the collective!

Dan said...

i was only 7 yrs old when the demo came out in '83 ,and decided i rather had some toys than a demotape lol

but still not familair with more bands from that tape...but that's the nice thing of music isnt it? discovering 20/30 yrs later how awesome a band was,im not ashamed ;-0
take care!

subtecore said...

Hi can you reupload this tape, thanks.
cheers from Perú

Curious Guy said...

New links. Enjoy!