Sunday, October 9, 2011

Short Fuse - Blow My Fuse 7"

 This 7" was simultaneously released with the Stompede 7" posted below. Another Tokyo HC band on Czech label Badman Records.
Don't know anything about Short Fuse and I think they didn't release anything else. I like this one more than the Stompede 7".

1. Reign Of Blood
2. Restriction
3. Words
4. Sleep
5. Lie-Cycle

Short Fuse


Marcelo said...

Hello man! How's it going?!

I'd like to ask you some help. I'm looking for some mp3 files very hard to find, and maybe you could help me. Do you know where I can find them?:
Insight(UK) Fade LP, Long Cold Stare(UK) Tired Eyes LP, Nightmare Visions(UK) demo #01 and #02, The Uprising(UK) demos, Heavy Discipline(UK) Liberation of Economics EP, Sick(UK) Demo 1988 and Steadfast (UK) Our Sights Are Set 7"EP, Mad Conflux (Japan), Specters of Madness (Can), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel), G.G.F. (UK) and Bobwire (Hol) 1st LP.

Tks for your attention. You blog is great!

Curious Guy said...

Marcelo, live gig of Dona Nobis Pacem already posted here. Can't help you with the others. Mad Conflux did a split 7" with Janky and appeared on some comps.

Dan said...

BOBWIRE lp posted on ofal,and mad conflux:there's a discography cd out,released in 2005! pretty hard to find probably so might post it later...

Marcelo said...

Curious Guy and Dan, thanx a lot for your attention. I'm happy to get contact with you guys. I used to trade tapes some years ago and get a lot of good friends. Now, with the advantage of internet I hope to get more friends around world, and of course, more rare

Anonymous said...

figured i'd leave some input on this: SHORT FUSE is still playing. this was their first vinyl release but they also have a few tracks on BARBARIC THRASH DEMOLITION vol 3 on 625, have a few demo tapes, have two full length CD's (the second just came out in 2011), and they will be on an OUT COLD tribute with all japanese bands, put out by TOO CIRCLE RECORDS in early 2012. they were a 4 piece, but have expanded to a five piece (though with only 2 original members). the SF drummer also plays in the reformed FINAL BOMBS.
-alex warhead

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the extra info on Short Fuse. Didn't know they did some CD's and are still around, but I don't follow CD-only releases. More of a vinyl-person.

Dan said...

all shortfuse stuff is also available on vinyl!
ex highscore btw,gonna post demo soon on blog but might be too youth crew-ish for you... but it's faaaaaaast(and good!)

Curious Guy said...

Dan, you're probably talking about the German band. This one is the Japanese one ;)

undeadboy said...

I have the Sick (UK) Demo if you're still interested let me know