Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem - Live 1988

Well here's another live recording of Antwerp band Dona Nobis Pacem. This one was recorded by my friend Vrokker in the 1000 Appeltjes. I think they opened for Extreme Noise Terror and Chaos UK.
Dona Nobis Pacem was an anarcho-punk band with a strong Antisect influence. Unfortunately they never recorded anything officially. There was a plan to do a split album with E.N.E. but that never happened. I think singer/guitarplayer Muffie was also in Brutal Society before.
Vrokker started recording when the 1st song was already happening. The last song is also cut-off due to the tape ending. It was a bis song; but you can hear that one on the other live recording.
The other live recording (from a split tape with Chumbawamba) can be found on No Longer Forgotten Music or Old Fast And Loud.

Sorry, no pix of the band.

Ripped as one long track (I beefed the sound a bit) but here are the song titles:
When Reality Stops
Some Love The Animals
If They Only Could Speak
Pornography Of Life
Skeletons Of War
Behind Suffering Lies
Balled Of Nature (cut)

Dona Nobis Pacem


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for this one Leffe!
Dona Nobis Pacem were always great...
Antisect influences? Of course...
There were more like that around that time. My own band Repulsives covered the lenghty 'The Buck Stops here'.
DNP at the 1000 Appeltjes... Have a look here:
17 may ’87 (’1000 Appeltjes’): Concrete Sox (UK), Ear Damage (Bel), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel), Chaos UK (UK)
28 jun ’87 (’1000 Appeltjes’): Generic (UK), Electro Hippies (UK), Repulsives (Bel), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel)

Dan said...

THX Leffe!
ill cut up the one track and return it to you as seperated tracks
taka care,

Dan said...

just thinking,ive got the E.N.T. set somewhere on disc too,not sure if it the same date,but it was at 1000 appeltjes for sure...

Anonymous said...

The track 'Ballad Of Nature' is on the 'Exclusion' comp LP (Nabate), it may be their only vinyl appearance.

Curious Guy said...

You're right Fab. Forgot to mention that. It's also a live recording.
Dan, do with it what you want!
Brob, thanks for the info.

TehGav said...

Could you by any chance post the Bodies in Panic LP again?

I'll trade you a copy of the album in brand-new condition. And I, uh, guarantee that there'll be no copyright hassles from, uh, the band.

I haven't heard it in like 10 years because there's never anything to play vinyl on, and the album won't fit in my DVD-R drive.

Joel said...

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