Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Assailants - s/t 7" / Hate Machine 7"

Here are the last ones on Violent Reaction. Both by The Assailants, VRR 1 and 5 actually. Violent Reaction was run by the people of The Assailants. The band, with a different line-up, was initially called Violent Reaction.
Both 7"s are a bit different. On the 1st one they had 2 guitarplayers and the songs dealt with their hate for boneheads and the system. On 'Hate Machine', both guitarplayers were replaced by one and the lyrics are more of the silly non-PC kind, not unlike Street Trash. Mike and Drew would later play in Street Trash. The 'Hate Machine' EP have a few different pressings/versions with different artwork. I scanned the sleeves of the normal version and the spraypainted version.
The Assailants also released the 'Modern Technology' CD in 2000, and a split 7" with the Swellbellys in 2002. Never heard those.
There's a 6th release on Violent Reaction by Scattered Fall. Not really a Violent Reaction release as there were some problems between the band members and Ron Ramirez set up a new label 'Deadpan Records' that only did the Scattered Fall 7".

s/t 7" (1999)
1. Unite
2. We Don't Care
3. Senseless Violence
4. No More
5. Baskin Robbins

Hate Machine 7" (2002)
1. Suicide By Jock
2. Bum God
3. Hate Machine
4. Little Indian Girls
5. Untitled

The Assailants


Adrian said...

hey one of the things on your wantlist is on ebay

Anonymous said...

Hey man I PM'd you on Discogs. Could you please upload the Stompede 7"? It's impossible to find on the web. Thanks.

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Hey Leffe! I'd hoped to see you in Venlo, tough luck. Hope you went to see Systematic Death in Antwerpen :)
Btw, Russ was around since he's stuck in mainland Europe (missed a flight). Hope you're doing fine!
Hugs, Roland.
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