Monday, April 25, 2011

V/A Disgusting Noise Tape

Comp. tape with Belgian bands released in 1988. This one was compiled by Dirk Vanhees, a guy from Beringen. Was in touch with him for a while, together with his good friend Chris Vanhoudt. Don't know what happened to them later but I found a Myspace page of Dirk and he's into other stuff now.
All the bands deliver 4 tracks each; some sent in live recordings. I didn't seperate those. I scanned the whole sleeve so you can check the titles there.
Bands on Side A of the tape are Heibel (with live tracks from their 2nd album), Disgorge (tracks from their 1st demo), Ear Damage (again live but awful quality), Dawn Of Liberty (live) and Capital Scum (mix of live and studio tracks).
Sde B has Hate Crew (live), Chaotic Contrast (rehearsal recordings), Chronic Disease (live), Tyfoon (live: this is a metal band which was a bit dubious as I'm told. Won't judge but starting the song 'Gaschamber' with "This is a song about Adolf Hitler" doesn't help much) and Mental Disturbance (demo tracks).
This tape came with a booklet but that one is stashed somewhere and it would take too much time to search for it.
This is a 90 mins. tape so I split the file in 2 links.

Side A

Side B


Anonymous said...

could you repost this tape pls? Thanks in advance & congratulation for this fantastic blog!

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear these Ear Damage songs! 3rd one was "Don't leave me" Great blog!! cheers Dirk/E.D. and more