Sunday, April 10, 2011

United Super Villains / The Krammies - Split 7"

Very first vinyl recording for the great United Super Villains, or better known as U.S.V. Both bands on this 7" were from La Crosse, Wisconsin.
U.S.V. did a 7" on Havoc and the 'Chokeslammed Back To Life' LP on Deranged. Both aren't that difficult to get. The recordings aren't that powerful as on their their later releases but worth checking out anyway.
Don't know anything about The Krammies. They're not a bad listen but nothing special.
This 7" was released in 1997 on Punk House.

1. Get Real Drugs
2. Everlasting Godstomper
3. 4 Lines Of Fury
4. School
The Krammies

5. Manifest Larceny
6. Anti-Hate Anthem
7. One Track Bind



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