Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rough Justice - Pink Elephants In Yellow Trees Tape

Got this one from my old time friend Brob, who was a member of the Smurfpunx Collective as a complementary post to his submission on the Smurfpunx blog.
Rough Justice were from Aalst, the place were a lot of Smurfpunx gigs were organized.
Rough Justice played that typical thrashmetal/HC crossover style that was popular in the late 80's. I must admit that I've never been a big fan of the genre but Rough Justice plays this kind of stuff very well.
I remember an all-dayer in Mol, where my old band Chronic Disease had to play with a shitload of now-forgotten crossover bands. Our band and the all-girls melodic punkband Bambix were a bit out of place on that day.
Never seen Rough Justice, but the singer is the brother of someone I know very well (didn't know that!). And for the Dutch-speaking Belgians (don't like to use the word Flemish these days): drummer Joost now plays in De Laatste Showband.

Rough Justice


Anonymous said...

Cheers for that Leffe!
Read about their cocnert for Smurfpunx here:

Veerle Taeleman said...

So I am the sister than????
Thanx from rough justice people they didn't have the demo anymore...

Curious Guy said...

Ha Veerle, alles OK?

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!