Sunday, January 23, 2011

Intense Youth! - Demo

Pittsburgh hardcore band. This demo tape was recorded in 2002. Got it for free when I ordered one of the The Awakening 7"s released on Behold The Youthquake.
Intense Youth! also released the 'Self Destruct' 7" and a split 7" with Caustic Christ.
Geoff and Andy were later in Fuckedupmess and Andy is also a member of the great Brain Handle.
Scans of the small lyric booklet included.

1. Starting Point
2. Host Vs. Parasite
3. Paper Revolution
4. Intense Youth!
5. The One Thing I Will Never Lose...
6. Field Measurements Of The Thickest Skull
7. These Words Will Be Your Prison

Intense Youth!

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