Friday, November 14, 2008

Insanity Defense - Demo 198X

It seems that the link expired of the Insanity Defense demo that Andyroopunk uploaded in the comments section. So for those who missed it, here's your chance to get it.
Someone else was even so generous to provide a tracklist. I didn't re-tag the MP3's but I included a text document with the titles in the file.

01. Betrayed
02. Social Motions
03. Scapegoat
04. U.S. Mess
05. No Excuse
06. Retaliate
07. Flesh, Metal, And Glass
08. Raised For The Slaughter
09. Beg For Mercy
10. Treason
11. Live Free Or Die
12. Truth Or Consequences
13. Let's See Action
14. Grudge Against The World

Insanity Defense Demo


NO-FUTURE said... a new musical tribute

Anonymous said...

The demo came out very early 1984.
They played CB's a few times. They had another band with whom they shared members - Satan's Cheerleaders. SC came out with a pretty awesome demo tape as well at about the same time.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the info GG. The Satan's Cheerleaders demo can be found on Down Underground.

Anonymous said...

This band is ex SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS. This demo rules and it's better than their 12".

Check my blog :

Check my site :

Bye, VILE76.

Anonymous said...

SATAN?'S CHEERLEADERS released three demo tape. VILE76.

Jeff Earing said...

Hi - this is Jeff Earing from Insanity Defense and Satan's Cheerleaders. We're very honored and flattered that our fans and friends have continued to enjoy our music after all these years. After the bands broke up in 1985, we all moved on and regretfully stopped following the punk/hardcore scene. We always valued our fans and continue to be proud of our involvement in such a vital and innovative network of musicians, artists, and activists. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way. That being said, it has come to our attention that people have been trying for some time to reconnect with us and find copies of our recordings. It seems that, for the most part, fans have resorted to file sharing in order to hear our music. We have never been about profiteering off of our recordings and merchandise - in fact we embraced the do-it-yourself approach, which we always felt was in the true spirit of punk rock music. File sharing has certainly kept us alive in the hearts (and ears!) of our old fans, and has also exposed us to a new generation of punks. For that we are truly grateful. However, the bands have decided to offer another venue for connecting with us and obtaining our work. We will soon launch a website that will offer access to all things ID and SC, including downloads and remixed and remastered versions of our CD's. We will also be releasing a new Insanity Defense EP, as well as a previously unreleased Satan's Cheerleaders record. There will also be videos, T-shirts, and other items that we hope fans will enjoy. There are also retro record labels that have expressed interest in releasing our material. Please be patient, it's been a while! We will let you know soon when everything is in place. We would very much appreciate and help and suggestions our fans can offer. But above all, spread the word - we're back! Thank you and be well -on behalf of all the members of the bands.

Honquijote said...

Thanks for this excellent demo !