Tuesday, November 4, 2008

V/A Connecticut Fun LP

Compilation album released on Incas Records in 1985. Contains some of the heavyweights of USHC like CIA, Youth Of Today, 76% Uncertain and Vatican Commandos.
Sound ranges from HC punk to more melodic stuff.
Punkestra is actually Seizure with vocals from the bands appearing on this album.

1. Fatal Vision - Blood Bath
2. Fatal Vision - Complex
3. Fatal Vision - Klan Man
4. Fatal Vision - Fatal Vision
5. End Product - Starve
6. End Product - In Heaven
7. Contraband - Feathered Fish
8. Contraband - Red Lights
9. Vatican Commandos - Carry It Forward
10. Vatican Commandos - Things Are Not The Same
11. Seizure - Slaughterhouse
12. Seizure - Guns
13. Bad Attitude - Kill You
14. Bad Attitude - Holy War
15. CIA - Destiny
16. CIA - JFK
17. Rude Awakening - My Walk To The Liquor Store
18. Rude Awakening - We're Here To Fight
19. Lost Generation - Short Cut
20. Lost Generation - Don't Exist
21. No Milk On Tuesday - White Not Right
22. Youth Of Today - Take A Stand
23. Youth Of Today - Stabbed In The Back
24. Youth Of Today - We Just Might
25. Youth Of Today - Wake Up And Live
26. Youth Of Today - Standing Hard
27. 76% Uncertain - Into The Void
28. Punkestra - Connecticut Fun

Connecticut Fun


Anonymous said...

More proof of why this continues to be the best punk blog on the internet. Just an amazing record from start to finish. You sure know how to pick 'em, CG. And that sleeve ranks in the Top Ten of all time!

Billy said...

Great album! Bad Attitude and Rude Awakening are so ridiculous that I can't help but love them! Lost Generation are fun as well.

Repro Bate said...

wow, connecticut had a lot more going on than i remember. like NJ, clearly one of the great lost punk scenes of the 80's. excellent post!!!

Curious Guy said...

I've got the "New Jerseys' Got It?" comp. ripped as well.

Stormy said...

Great comp. So many great bands. I've never been much of YOT fan, but those tracks are excellent. This is how Youth of Today should have always sounded.

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thanks for all the music - Vin

Daz said...

Hey could you re-up this one please?

Pablo Farfán said...

Please Reupload