Sunday, February 9, 2014

Disturbio Menor + Silencio Absoluto - Hardcore Para Las Masas Tape

Split tape of 2 bands from Chile: Disturbio Menor and Silencio Absoluto.
As far as I know, this the only thing Silencio Absoluto released. Disturbio Menor managed to get a 7" out on Minneapolis label Sin Fronteras in 1997. Those tracks also appear on a split tape with Enfermos Terminales.
The original issue was on Masapunk Records (in 1996) but I have the US version on Sin Fronteras (with cheap xerox cover).
8 tracks each of furious, political HC/punk.

 Hardcore Para Las Masas


Toxik Boys said...

legendary stuff

Anonymous said...

please reupload disturbio menor

Curious Guy said...

All the stuff you asked to reup have new links. Enjoy!