Saturday, July 20, 2013

Violent Mosquitos - Leads To Disaster Tape

Violent Mosquitos were from Aalst and were around from 1986 till the early 90's.
I've seen the band multiple times as they were from the same city where Smurfpunx did their gigs at Netwerk. When a band cancelled, they were asked to play.
The 'Leads To Disaster' demo is probably from their formative years as it doesn't sound as tight as their live gigs. The songs sound unfinished and sometimes they play out of sync.
Violent Mosquitos released a 7" called 'World's Already Dead' in 1988. Never heard it I must admit.
Bassplayer Frank and guitarplayer JC formed the Pitbull Boys after Violent Mosquitos ended.
Some songs are fun songs which is no surprise being from Aalst, THE carnival city of Belgium.
Track 9 is a thrash version of the CCR song.

1. Brr Brr Brr
2. Moshquito Attack
3. Rights For The Black
4. Fuckin' Brain
5. You Dig Your Own Grave
6. Christinks
7. Die You Bastard
8. No Way Out
9. Bad Moon Rising
10. Nicaragua
11. Refuse
12. Vivisection
13. Dock LacoMillChip
14. Skate Or Die
15. Disco Billy Attitude Sucks
16. Leads To Disaster
17. Parricides
18. Billy Milano Attitude Sucks
19. Rastafari

Violent Mosquitos


Anonymous said...

Cheers for this Leffe!
Frank Drank (VM bassist) was a member of the Smurfpunx collective.
He's in Pandaz nowadays...
Here's a presentation they did for my zine:
Here's the Pitbull Boys:

Anonymous said...

please reupload VIOLENT MOSQUITOS