Saturday, March 30, 2013

V/A Unite + Win Tape

4th tape released by B-Product posted here. Like 'Gegen Nazis', this is an international compilation.
Some tracks were taken from records, others from demos and also some live recordings.
From Poland we have Dezerter (2 tracks from their classic 1st 7") and Armia (from Jak Punk To Punk comp. LP).
From France there's Scraps with 2 tracks from the 'Apartheid' 7".
From Holland: The Regiment (cool HC punk), Anal Terror (HC punk), Cry Of Terror (metallic HC, live), R.O. Conspiracy (2 tracks from the demo posted here before) and Bambix (all-female melodic punk).
From Scotland we have Oi Polloi. 2 live tracks and one studio track.
From Belgium we have Disgorge with 2 tracks from their 2nd demo, and Get Stuffed. This was a rock'n'roll punk band from Tielt.
From Sweden there's Heavy Hell and Van Sac (with 2 tracks from the demo posted sometime ago).
From Japan we have 2 tracks of Idiot Idolaters (released 2 7"s on Chicken Shit Records (Disarray, Insect Powder) ) and a live track of the Fuck Geez (band of Yumikes who runs MCR Company). Seems that all these were lifted from the Consumer Blackmail comp. tape.
Asbestos Rockpyle is the only US band.
And from Switzerland we have Dark Age with 3 tracks from their 7".
Last track on each side is cut off unfortunately.

Unite + Win - Side A

Unite + Win - Side B

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Anonymous said...

Get Stuffed were actually from Aarsele (near Tielt). I did an interview for my zine Tilt! (should put that online). They're on the LOcal Heroes CD that Pik (Dirty Scums) put out...
Keez (Get Stuffed) is still playing (bass, for Dirty Scums)...