Sunday, October 28, 2012

R.O.Conspiracy - Unofficial Tape

 Late 80's HC band with metallic licks. R.O.Conspiracy were from Groningen and were called Intensity for a short period and then changed their name. Full band name is Radical Overthrow Conspiracy. Not sure but I think there's a link with Bloedbad, a great early 80's HC punk band that did some demos as well as a split tape with Jetset.
There are 12 tracks on the tape but only 11 titles mentioned. Don't know the title of the last song. Also a cover of an SSD song.
First 2 songs ripped as one track.

1. Raison D'Être
2. Paradoxal Peace
3. If You Don't Care - Christian In Name
4. Reality's A Fact
5. Abbatoirs Of Greed
6. Above The Masses
7. Dark Tunnel
8. Repugnant Song
9. Display Of Impotence
10. We Shall Overthrow
11. Boston Crew (SSD)
12. Untitled

RO Conspiracy


Anonymous said...

Can you please fix the link for the download? Thx.

Curious Guy said...

Link fixed!