Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deranged - Live Zaal Patria 15/11/1980

Third and last live recording from this gig. I don't think there are any recordings of the Underdogs.
Deranged was a young punk band from Bruges. They only existed for a few months and this was their 1st gig. Don't think they lasted very long as members of Deranged and Rebel would start a new band called Sperm.
Omer wrote me that there are demo recordings of Sperm but he hasn't got any. He'll ask around and hopefully he can dig some up.
Deranged sound very simple and primitive here. But I think it's very cool someone recorded them in their very short existence. Otherwise they would only be remembered by the handful that seen them play live.
Thanks to Robin (ex-Deranged, Sperm) for leaving a comment here.

1. Kill Yourself
2. No You Don't
3. Deranged
4. Sad To Be With You
5. ?
6. The Instrumental Song
7. Fucking Awful
8. Roadrunner


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