Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rebel - Live Zaal Patria 15/11/1980

Thanks to Omer for the rip of this one. Omer was the drummer of this punk band from Bruges. He also played drums for Sperm and as stand-in for The Underdogs as well.
Now this is a very rare recording that luckily survived on an old tape. Omer is planning to rip the other live stuff of Deranged (Bruges) and Lunatics (Kortrijk) as well. Never heard these bands before and I think only people who were there will remember them. From this gig I only heard The Underdogs before. Will post their demo soon.
Last song is cut-off unfortunately (end of tape). Rebel also play the most controversial song The Sex Pistols ever made.

Note: Omer just mailed me to let us know that the last song is 'Desertation', not 'Dedication'. You'll need to re-tag the MP3.

1. Guns In The Opposite Way
2. You Say You
3. Alone
4. Coming Up For Air
5. Belsen Was A Gas
6. Weekend
7. Forcy Face
8. Who's Life Is This
9. VMO
10. Desertation



Anonymous said...

from the Smurfpunx blog:

‘Rebel’ was a punkband from Bruges (1979-1981): Philip Wimme (vocals), Johny Gadeyne (guitar), Alain ‘Omer’ De Rycke (drums) & Monique Neels (bass).
‘Sperm’ was a punkband from Bruges (1981): ‘Smurf’ (vocals), Frank De Deken (guitar), Alain ‘Omer’ De Rycke (drums) & Robin Fonteyne (bass).
Some of those were also playing as stand-in with ‘Underdogs’…
Underdogs (Brugge): ‘Titten’ (vocals), Jimmy (guitar), Slange (bass), Stefaan ‘Berre’ Lambert

madmohawk said...

Great to hear this band for the first time. Lot's of people in the Bruges area we're always talking about rebel, but i never heard the band, so thx omer for the tape.
Great cover from the Pseudo existors (coming up for air)
hope to hear the other bands from the tape too.

Chilipepper said...

This is awesome. I was guitarist of The Lunatics and obviously I was present at this gig.
This was the first concert ever given by The Lunatics (later "Lunatixs") and I do have some blurred memories of that memorable night. This must be the only recording that exists of our band so I can't wait to hear it. Don't expect great music though! We could barely hold our instruments at the time, but hell yeah, it was punk! Later I joined The Definitivos, but that's another story. Anyway, thx for posting this and thx Omer.

Curious Guy said...

Lunatics coming this weekend. Only 15 minutes of noise though.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!