Saturday, July 23, 2011

V/A Benelux Fight Back Tape

Comp. tape released in Belgium with Dutch and Belgian bands. No Luxemburg band included here. This small country was a wasteland when it comes to punk stuff. No release date, address included. Maybe it came with a booklet?
Tape opens with Lärm. No introduction needed. One of Europe's most wellknown bands, and one of the most extreme in the world as well.
Next is Pure Hate. Did a great 7".
No Numbers of Tielt is the 3rd one. Tracks taken from their one and only demo tape.
We go back over the border, to Eindhoven for Afflict.
Side A ends with .C.P.D. of Hamme. C.P.D. stood for Complete Political Disorder or Corrupt Police Dept. and maybe a few others. I think this band had a lot of potential. Never released anything, not even a demo tape. It's very hard to find some decent recordings of them. Great political HC/punk.
Side B opens with another band from Tielt, Repulsives. This band had Brob on bass, now responsible for the Smurfpunx site. He was also the author of Tilt! fanzine. Repulsives did record songs for an aborted split album.
Next band is the Dutch Kikkerspuug. Appear on the 'On Our Way To Fools Paradise' comp., released a tape 'Galgemaal' in 1988 and an album 'Wild Vlees' on Zooid in 1990.
Scoundrels were a nice punkband from The Netherlands as well. With Patrick who now runs Studio 195 were a lot of HC bands (Reproach, Dead Stop) did their recordings. The Scoundrels did one tape and 2 albums. They also appear on the 'Babylon: Bleibt Fahren' comp. LP and 'Alle 55 Kort' comp. tape.
Loud Warning were a noisy HC band out of The Netherlands. Appeared on the 'On Our Way To Fools Paradise' comp. as well.
Side B ends with another song of C.P.D.

Benelux Fight Back

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for ripping this Leffe!
This is old stuff but still gives me goosebumps. 'No More Fascist Skins' on this tape is a live version and the intro here was an instrumental seminal version of what would become the song 'Go Skate or Go Home'...
The studio-recordings mentioned here were finally released (after about 20 year) on the CD 'Local Punk Heroes' by Pik (Dirty Scums)
By the way: I was the guitarist of Repulsives (I played bass only at the very end, when we became a trio)...