Sunday, May 22, 2011

V/A 24 Love Songs Tape

1st comp. tape released by Smurf Punk Tapes out of Belgium. This tape was compiled by Mokka, one of the core members of the Smurfpunx Collective. This tape was released in 1985 and includes diverse HC punk bands from Europe.
I also have the 2nd comp. tape on Smurf Punk Tapes which I need to rip in the near future. Read about a 3rd one called 'Thrashing With Your Parents' but have never seen or heard of this one before.
Bands included are: Maniacs (BRD), SOD (Sweden), Political Asylum (Scotland, UK), Aktive Notwehr (BRD), Enola Gay (Denmark), Savage Circle (Italy), Bedrövlerz (Sweden), Disgust (Netherlands), Post Mortem (UK), Man's Hate (UK) and Dirty Scums (Belgium).
I guess the title of the tape is a pisstake on all those shitty comp. albums released in the 80's with so-called romantic love songs.

 24 Love Songs



cool a comp with mans hate had there demo years ago

Curious Guy said...

New link for the 24 Love Songs comp. tape.

javier miault said...

Hey bro, could you back up the compiled? because the links do not work. Tnx !

Curious Guy said...

New link Javier. Enjoy!

Oyml said...

I'm not sure if anyone is still following up on these comments, but I would love to see a reupload of these. Thanks!

Curious Guy said...

New link Omyl. Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy!