Saturday, October 16, 2010

V/A Sick Kicks For Shock Rockers 7"

Nice little comp. on the short-lived Violent Reaction label. Think it was released in 2000. All bands play HC punk, some with a streetpunk edge. The Liberats and The Assailants did some releases on Violent Reaction as well. Clit 45 is the best known band here as they existed from 1996 to 2007. They released 3 albums (on ADD and BYO) and 4 EP's. Must admit that I only know the song on this 7" though. As far as I know the other bands didn't release anything else.

1. Liberats - Rot Away
2. 40 OZ Rescue - Blind
3. The Assailants - Lack Of Concern
4. Deterrence - Sixteen Years
5. Psychotic Reaction - Skateboarding Zombies
6. Clit 45 - Fight Back

Sick Kicks For Shock Rockers

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Mike Woodside said...

Psychotic reaction ended up changing their name to street trash and released an album and a couple of 7" I believe and deterrence changed their name to rising action and released a tape but that's it. The assailants broke up and Mike from the assailants was on drums for street trash. Liberats broke up. 40 oz rescue didn't do anything either from what I know and remember. Street trash broke up and some members are in the meka leka hi's I believe.