Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rat Bastards/Dead Drunk - Split 7"

Here's another one on Will E. Survive. The label's 3rd release, from 1995.
Both bands also had 7"'s out on Beer City. Can post these as well.
Rat Bastards offers 3 tracks of HC punk. Dead Drunk do the same with silly lyrics on drinking. Good voice though.

Rat Bastards
1. Industrialized Autocracy
2. What The Fuck?
3. Yer In My Urine

Dead Drunk
1. Beer By Beer
2. Song For Booze
3. Belly Of The Beast

Rat Bastards/Dead Drunk


Anonymous said...

Awesome, been wanting this one again. Do you have the Pressure 7" on Will E.? It was a split with another band, forget the name.

Curious Guy said...

Yes have that one. The other band is Release. Must admit it's my least favourite Will E. Survive release. But gonna rip it and post it in the future.